The Benefits Of Overclocking – Hardware What To Do’s & Reviews

Hello There!

My name is Ross Stretch and If you have Stumbled across my little slice of the web ,
You are probably in the neighborhood for computer related or hardware related reviews for that matter and I promote only the best that any company has to offer as far as custom computer builds, accessories and upgrades. But indeed look no further then this little place right here, outside of my own career as an internet entrepreneur and web designer another one of my known guilty pleasures is building gaming personal computers myself and or personal computers capable of providing their users with a great and powerful experience.

Now this being said most, in theory like to game and even more so I have a lot of friends and family that entertain themselves or make livings utilizing very demanding programs in CAD or other professional editing programs. Being in the line of work I’m in as far as marketing at home and between my gaming have some pretty insane setups and multi monitor displays to keep busy and making a bit more bank.

I guess before getting too far ahead of myself I will give you a brief run down on overclocking and the benefits of it for those not familiar. Overclocking and more importantly the benefits of will ultimately affect the end performance factor but at the initial cost of health to these components generally at rates they were never factory designed for. In the pages to come I will give everyone joining us a pretty thorough breakdown of the components of a home built PC and what exactly the Pro and Cons are even though there really are no Cons to building your own computer at home. Essentially now you can build your own powerful PC for 50% of the store cost. Being of your own design and virtually not needing to be even looked at in upgrading is a lifetime bonus.

Putting together your own computer is not as hard as it looks or sounds and once the concept is grasped then assembling one on your own takes literal minutes. Learning the In’s & Out’s of PC components is crucial to knowing how to go about starting a build but not necessarily actually building it is not. I will have some learning material to help you through your next build even if its just to help steer you in a better direction. Please feel free to leave a comment or response to anything you find relevant or interesting all your input will always help further the community!

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